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Who would have thought that a Herb can be of so much use for Mankind? Here at Hemp Organic, we believe in sharing valuable information regarding this Useful Herb.


Since decades Hemp has been a part of various dilemmas, queries and political debates. So, what is it actually! Hemp is more than just a plant. It is a strain of the Sativa cannabis plant family, primarily used for industry-based productions. 

However, it can be used for productions of various commercials items. The list primarily includes paper, clothing, textile, plastics, biofuels, paints and animal feed. Often, hemp has been termed as a drug. This is due to its relation to the Cannabis family. But, it contains less amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is known for creating psychoactive effects. 

In comparison to Marijuana, hemp has a very negligible amount of the psychoactive component. However, Hemp gets cultivated for seeds, fibers & other variants that can act as a healing compound. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) which was part of discovery to treat Dravet syndrome, is basically a part of the hemp plant, a chemical compound. This chemical compounds after being consumed reach the central regulatory system of the human body for interaction. 

Cannabinoids are also capable of being produced in the body as endocannabinoid. This interacts with the receptors of cannabinoid inside the human nervous system.


Marijuana is a recreational or rather a psychoactive drug that is different from hemp. It has a chemical mixture of high THC. The composition is about 5 to 35% while hemp has is a composition of THC from 0 to 3%. 


When considering a plant group that has a psychoactive property, that first name that comes is Cannabis. Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis are the three set of plants that grow in the wild primarily in the tropical and temperate niches of the world. It is primarily used for medical and often for recreational purposes. 


Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa belongs to the herbaceous plant family. Its distribution is globally widespread for cultivation fibers, seed oil, medicines, recreation and much more. 

industrial hemp

Industrial Hemp

Production of hemp industry-wise has more effect on making plastic products that are biodegradable. These Hemp-based plastics are much more durable than normal ones. 



Marijuana is now legal, in a few specific forms, in the United States. It is commonly used to treat certain diseases and to control pain. 

White Widow

The White Widow is the Sativa cannabis strain. It is Sativa dominant. It produces energetic effects. The strain consists of 20% of THC along with other phenotypes. 

Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis

The Cannabis Ruderalis is a subspecies of the cannabis plant family that consists of a very low amount of THC. However, its phenotypes are unique. Also, they are different from other strains. 

NYC Diesel

NYC Deisel is a strain that produces a flavour of sweet citrus. As a result, the taste of it is unique and it produces a powerful effect. Also, it activates various parts of the mind. 


USEFUL Accessories

The list of useful accessories includes Handkerchiefs & Bow Ties, Robes, Bracelet, Scarfs/ Belts & Ties, Sandals and Totes & Socks, Wallets / Hats & Sunglasses and Backpacks.


Hemp is under cultivation for food products. Protein Powder, Hemp Tea, Energy Bars, Coffee, Healthy Drinkable Refreshments, Hemp Seed Butter & Milk, Beer, Vodka and Flour & Granola.


It is under cultivation for the creation of hemp biofuel. Hemp can be replaced with regular oil that cars use. It has the ability to generate power that gallons of gasoline fail.


The production of ropes with the use of hemp in it is a great useful product. Compared to any ordinary rope, hemp opes are much more durable and way stronger.


Hemp-based fabrics are porous so that you can breathe. Also, they are eco-friendly and are durable. Teh products are Shirts & Jeans, Hemp Shoes, Jackets & Coats and Yoga Pants.

Craft Supplies

Manufacture of craft supplies using hemp under process is Pens & Sheets, Hemp Towels, Hemp Paper, Curtains, Hemp Chair, Hemp cross, ropes, twines and spoons and Tablet Clothes.

hemp medicine


During the early ages, Hemp was in use to treat people who had health issues like the menstrual cycle, gout, constipation and more. As of now, more research on extraction has been done. Now, Hemp has properties of anti-oxidants in cannabinoids. For this reason, people who have health issues related to oxidation can use hemp for treatment. 

Such diseases are autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, age-related conditions and ischemic disease. In addition to that, cannabinoids have components that can act like neuroprotectants. 

That means it limits the damage to neurons. It implies that the damage to ischemic results can be limited. Hence, it is helpful in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease as well as HIV Dementia. Additionally, it can be put to use for preventing stroke or trauma.

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