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Hemp Seeds : Benefits and Uses

Hemp seeds mainly come from the hemp plants, widely known as Cannabis Sativa. These small-sized seeds are beneficial for one’s health and taste good too!

Hemp plants are mostly known for serving psychoactive purposes or for making CBD oil. However, hemp can serve multipurpose and the seeds are healthier as food. You can make several different items from hemp seeds, as it offers incredible nutritional benefits to the human body.

A few years back, there was an age-old stigma related to hemp. Hemp plants were censored as a drug, as it is similar to the cannabis Indica. But, in the current era, people all over the world are consuming hemp largely because of its benefits. No other plant can add such nutritional value that hemp seeds provide.

Though small in size but hemp seeds consist of a good amount of amino acids. It also contains protein, fiber, and essential fatty acids. Moreover, the hemp seeds are allergy-free when compared to other protein provided plants. Nowadays, hemp seeds are seen in almost every grocery store along with several other protein powders.

Essential Benefits of A Hemp Seed

There are a lot of benefits that you can get once you start to in-take these hemp seeds daily. These seeds can play a prime role in providing daily nutrition to your body. Hemp seeds come along with significant advantages as soon as you engulf them.

Provides Nutrition

The hemp seeds provide more nutrition compared to flax, chia or fish oil. Hemp seeds consist of mainly two nutritional components, those are gamma-linolenic acid and the other one is conjugated linoleic acid. GLA is mainly a fatty acid. It has anti-inflammatory proportions in it. 

And, CLA helps to build the cell membranes in a human body. In short, it can be stated that it offers more protein than fish oil or flax.

Balanced Proportion of Essential Fatty Acids

You can get a balanced ratio of required fatty acids that are lacking in your body. Hemp naturally gives a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in 1:3 proportion of Essential Fatty Acids. This Essential Fatty Acid strengthens the immune system of the human body.

Provides 10 Essential Amino Acids

Hemp seeds are one of the prime sources for giving complete vegetable nutrition. You will get 10x Essential Amino Acids from just one hemp seed. Intaking our regular foods can provide us with these 10 EAA in our body.

Potential Source of Dietary Fiber

One can get a great deal of dietary fiber from the hemp seeds. These seeds contain 17g of fiber, which is more than enough for a human body. And at times, you can get 8-11 g fiber from the high-quality hemp seeds. Hemp can be the best way to add fiber to one’s daily diet. 

Provides Huge Amount of Vitamins and Minerals

You can get a great deal of vitamin E and minerals like phosphorus. Along with this potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc can also be obtained, by just extracting the hemp seeds. 

Gives High-Quality Protein

Every hemp seed consists of 65%of protein, widely known as edestin, which helps to improve one’s immune system. And, the rest 35% of the seed is filled with albumin, which helps the protein to absorb into the body. Besides, hemp seeds can be a great substitute for dairy products, if you are allergic to it.  

Reduces Cholesterol Level 

After several kinds of research, the researchers have come to a clear conclusion that hemp seeds and hemp seed oil can lower the cholesterol level. Additionally, reducing the level, it will help the individual to fight blood clots that can be caused by high cholesterol levels. 

Brings Back the Skin Moisture

The hemp oil can be effective and beneficial for the ones who deal with dry skin issues every day. And even after applying numerous beauty products to overcome skin problems, those hemp oils can be a good option. Because hemp oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 that can be best for any skin treatment. 

The hemp oil can completely cure skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Apart from hemp oils, all the hemp-based products can be useful for your daily skincare. 

How to Eat Hemp Seeds?

Hemp seeds can be consumed in various ways. It just depends on one’s knowledge of cooking or food sense. Here we are mentioning some of its applications that you can easily try at home. 

  • Hemp seeds can be eaten raw as an evening snack.
  • You can mix it in the smoothie as a protein shake.
  • Sprinkle it on the top of the food items like cereal or oatmeal.
  • Try mixing it with the water. This prepares the hemp seed milk.
  • Toasted hemp seeds serve as an alternative to popcorn.

Healthy and Tasty Hemp Heart Recipes

Today, you can make several tasty and delicious hemp heart recipes and that too within a minimal amount of time. If you are in a hurry and you have nothing but hemp seeds in your home, you can make mouth-watering recipes like hemp protein smoothie, hemp oatmeal, hemp heart fried shrimp and hemp energy balls in a short time. 

Things to Watch Out While Buying Hemp Seeds

Hemp food products are available in almost every grocery shop. It is quite easy to buy products like hemp hearts and hemp protein. But, in some of the shops, you can find hemp seeds that are not legalized. 

And, if you don’t have enough knowledge about the hemp seeds, you can look in the next mentioned information.

Type of Hemp Seed You Should Buy

The peel-off hemp seeds are mostly known as hemp hearts. These hemp hearts are mainly the crunchy outside shell from the whole hemp seed. 

Peeling off the skins of the hemp seeds rather than eating the entire thing, makes it easier to eat. Removing the shell of the seed makes it more nutritious as well. 

It adds up the protein and other essential fatty acids that a human body requires. Moreover, you can sprinkle the shells in the food salad and also mix it with the smoothie and milk. 

Besides, if you toast the hemp seeds in the high temperature, it will taste exactly like popcorn. The Middle East people prefer hemp seeds as their snacks as it can be a healthy supplement. In some of the grocery stores, you will get hemp protein powders. You can easily add that to smoothies or shakes. Enjoy your movie time with toasted hemp seeds!

Places Where Seeds Grown

In most of the industrialist countries like the U.S mostly hemp plants are found. For producing CBD and its related products, hemp plants are cultivated. For providing the nutritional supplement and other benefits, the citizens of the U.S buy hemp seeds. 

Recently, the farmers of the U.S are looking forward to more hemp cultivation to make food products out of it. In other countries, hemp is mostly grown for serving industrial purposes like construction works or textiles works and obviously for food as well. 

In Canada., you will get the most high-quality hemp for making food items. The taste of the hemp seeds also differs because the Canadian farmers use hemp strain and follow a strict regulation and procedure at the time of cultivation. And these regulations and rules are provided by the Canadian government. 

The Canadian farmers can cultivate only the different hemp seeds that fall under the Health Canada’s List of Approved Cultivars. These farmers don’t even use hazardous chemicals or fertilizers or pesticides at the time of farming hemp. But, in places like China, it is quite hard to produce hemp seeds as it fails to follow the regulation provided by the Government. 

The flavour of the Hemp Seeds

You will get a nutty taste while eating the hemp seeds. Some people have compared the hemp seeds with unflavoured sunflower seeds. But, once you taste it, we can guarantee that you will find it delicious. 

But, the hemp hearts can be flavoured and unflavoured both. When you toast the hemp seeds, you will get a taste like peanuts or corn nuts. 

Branding Matters

When you are buying the hemp seeds, always look for the brand. It is quite easy to get the hemp seeds in the local grocery stores. But, places like the U.S offer branded hemp seeds at affordable prices. You will get high-quality hemp seeds for your purpose from nearby boutiques.