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How To Germinate Weed Seeds: A Concise Analysis

Germination of the weed seeds is a method by which a seed of the marijuana plant can be transformed into a sprout. When white tendrils emerge out of the weed seeds, it indicates the weed is germinating. These tendrils are called taproots. All cannabis or weed plants will eventually sprout to taproots and then germinate further.

Taproots are early tiny roots of the weed that gradually grows with time and ultimately grow longer and longer pushing the seed upwards and the stem downward. Following that, leaves will generate from these weed seeds. The seed does not demand to grow the cotyledon as it is grown within the embryo of the plant.

Nevertheless, the first leaves of the weed seed are grown by the taproots. The second batch of leaves is not developed from the cotyledons, thus this means that these are the first leaves that emerge on its own. Well, In this article we are going to have a brief discussion on how to germinate weed seeds.

Essentials for a Succesful Seed Germination

Seed germination is an extensive process and demands certain factors for successful germination. If germination does not take place maintaining those factors, the entire process may get hindered and the output may not be up to the mark. Here are some of the factors that are valuable for seed germination:


The first and foremost requirement for seed germination is moisture. Well for that, you have to soak the seeds in water. It is noteworthy to keep one thing in mind that the seeds should not be immersed more than 24-32 hour. This is because if you soak seeds more than 24-32 hours the seed may soften further to the point where the moisture quotient exceeds more than relevant. It can also affect and delay the germination process further.


The second most important factor for seed germination is to provide peace to the seed. Therefore, it is essential to keep the taproot of the seed separate and untouched. This is because your touching may cause problems in seed germination. Alike human nature, providing peace to seeds is also important for efficient germination.


Quality germination takes place in warm climatic conditions. Therefore all you need to do is provide a warm and comfortable climate for adequate germination of the seeds. Cool climate or less temperature is also appropriate for the germination process, however, the process will be prolonged and extensive. It is noteworthy to keep one thing in mind that the temperature should not exceed more than required, as a higher temperature can defile the germination process. Think springtime, that should be the appropriate temperature for weed germination. 

Be Gentle

It is vital to be gentle with the taproot as if not, it may break off or wear off terminating the entire process. Thus, being gentle to the taproot is an essential step for its successful germination. So, make sure it is intact and does not ruin, as taproots are important parts of seeds and should be supervised carefully.

Always Plant the Root Downwards

Another remarkable thing that should be kept in mind during weed germination is to root downwards. it is essential to plant the white roots towards downwards as if not done efficiently the upper side of the root which consists of the seed may reorient itself.

Plant the Seed Knuckle Deep

To plant the seeds for germination, it is not required to plant it deep to the growing point of the medium. However, it is vital, to plant the seed 1.3-2.5 cm deeper than the growing medium. Make sure the seed should not be sowed more than required depth.

How to Identify the Appropriate Seed?

Identification of a good seed depends on its colour. If the seed is pale green or white in colour it will not germinate. But if the seeds are dark in colour it will germinate efficiently without any concern.

Also, there was this myth that if the seeds are soft enough to get easily smashed between your fingers, it might not be good for germination. Nevertheless, this is not true. One of the best cannabis has been grown with soft seeds that were delicate between the fingers. So the texture does not matter, if the seed is good it will germinate without any issue.

Various Germination Processes

Seed germination can be done in multiple ways. Each of them is a different and efficient way for successful germination of weed seed. However, some of them can be cost efficient as well as time-saving for you. Thus, here are some of them listed  below:

Seedling Plugs And Starter Cubes:

Well, these types of cubes are already prepared and contain space within it. Thus, all you have to do is add the seed inside the already formed space in the cubes and pour some water on it. 

One thing you should keep in mind is to widen the space on the cube with your fingers so that you add the seed. Do not worry, you cannot go wrong with this. This process is an easy process and quite cheap as well. This will result in 100% germination of the weed seed without any issues.

Paper Towel Methods:

Another way of germination is to use the paper towel method. All you have to do is wrap the seeds in a wet paper towel and keep it in a warm climate. However, it is important to keep in mind to use cheap paper towels. 

This is because paper towels of lower quality can provide a better germination process than the good quality towels. Make sure the taproots are not hampered or get damaged. As if it gets hampered the germination may not take place further.

Soak the Seeds Overnight

An easy way to germinate weed seed is to soak the cannabis seed overnight in slightly warm water. This is an effective process for hard shell seeds and also useful to wake up older seeds. Viable seeds will float on the surface of the water and eventually sink down.

Weed Seeds in Growing Medium

Weeds can also be grown in any type of growing medium. All you need is a moist yet not soaking type of soil and form a knuckle deep space inside the soil to sow the seeds. You may require a heating pad to keep it warm. 

The entire process will take place in the soil i.e. its final state. Thus you do not have to follow any measures to keep it fragile. This process is useful for beginners as it does not involve any essential step.

Summing Up 

Germination of seed is an important process and involves the formation of delicate taproots which is the primary step of the entire process. Germination can be done in various methods like soaking the seed in the water overnight or using cubes where all you have to do is insert the seed inside the already formed space of the cubes, and water it efficiently. 

With time the germination will take place without any concerns. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions that should be kept in mind such as moisture, temperature, texture and other different factors. Mostly, Black seeds are efficient and can be germinated quite easily while the green ones are usually ignored.

Lastly, there are various ways to germinate seeds. May it be soaking in warm water overnight, or growing it in any medium. However, Seedling plugs and starter cubes are the most convenient and easy way to germinate seeds in a productive way.

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