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What Is a Web Proxy Server? Definition & How it Works

While proxy services offer some privacy to the user by concealing their IP address, the proxy itself logs this information, along with browsing history. Depending on the type of what features does a proxy offer proxy, this data could be forwarded to external parties, causing a data breach. It is important to note that these benefits are dependent on the proxy’s type and configuration.

Even so, it’s important to only work with trustworthy VPN services. Some providers promised not to save any user information but turned out to be doing so anyway. A good example of a decent VPN that doesn’t pull stunts like this is NordVPN. That’s partly why this premium VPN ended up at number 1 in our top 5 of best VPN providers.

FAQs about Proxy Servers

Without a web proxy, your computer would simply connect directly to the internet to access the website and display it for you. The only thing you need to do is buy a proxy from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We have various offers tailored to everyone’s needs and you will definitely find the one that fits yours. After a short time, you will get the number of proxies that you required and be ready to browse the Internet without having to worry about anything.

purpose of a proxy

Suffix proxy servers are easier to use than regular proxy servers, but they do not offer high levels of anonymity, and their primary use is for bypassing web filters. Generally, VPNs are more secure than proxy servers due to the way they operate. VPNs create an encrypted tunnel between a user’s device and the outside network. The tunnel allows users to browse the web without sharing their IP address and other identifying connection data. A Smart DNS proxy enables users to bypass DNS restrictions such as geo-location restrictions. Unlike regular proxy servers, Smart DNS proxies only divert one part of a user’s internet traffic – DNS requests.

International Proxies

Do pay attention to the fact that websites with HTTPS aren’t always completely safe. HTTPS only means that the connection between you and the website has been established in a secure way. You could, for example, find yourself on the HTTPS version of a phishing website.

purpose of a proxy

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